Sweet Georgia Peaches

Available: June 13th - August 3rd
2019 Price (All locations): $40.00

½ bushel box, 25 lb net weight

Freestone varieties


Nothing else tastes like a Georgia peach, and no other peach compares to a Pearson Farm peach...they're that good! We're able to leave them on the tree until the last possible second because they come direct from the farm, right to you.

Incredibly delicious and versatile, our peaches are great for canning or freezing. Wonderful in baked goods, Georgia peaches bring a unique flavor to many other kitchen concoctions. They add complexity and dimension to things like glazes, dressings, sauces, cocktails, jams, and many more. It's always better with a Georgia peach!


Peach Care tips: Handle your box of peaches like eggs. Set your box down very gently, peaches can bruise quite easily.

In order to ripen your peaches properly, DO NOT place them in the refrigerator at first. Instead, take them out of the box and spread them out on your counter or table at room temperature until they reach your desired level of ripeness (1-3 days). Keep a watchful eye on them as they ripen.

Look through your peaches and remove any bruised or soft fruit for immediate use, just like you do with bananas, apples, etc. Let the peaches air-dry if they are wet due to condensation after coming out of our refrigerated truck. Peaches are just like bananas when bruised – just cut away the bruised area and enjoy the rest of the fruit!


* Prices and availability of fruit are subject to change