Our Fruit is our passion, all year long!

There is a fruit for every season, and a grower for every fruit. Passionate men and women are at the forefront of agricultural advancement, working hard to grow the finest fruit you can eat! In all this advancement, one simple truth stands: a piece of fruit is best when kept on the branch for as long as possible. This reduces the need for synthetic, ripening chemicals. It allows the fruit to mature properly, increasing juice and sugar alike. And it makes for happy and satisfied consumers.

In order to guarantee our customers the best fruit possible, our growers must pick their fruit at the very last second and and at the peak of the season. Grocery stores often receive fruit picked early, refrigerated for very long periods of time, and can be from multiple growers of differing quality. We break that chain and receive our fruit directly from the most reputable growers and packers at the peak of their respective seasons.

You receive the best fruit from us because we require the fruit to mature as naturally and fully as possible, and then ship them within only days of picking. Isn’t that amazing?


Spring and Summer

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Georgia Peaches

Michigan Blueberries*

Georgia Pecans

Meyer Lemons

*not available for shipping at this time


We want to make a special thanks to our growers: Pearson Farm (peaches and pecans), Leduc Blueberries (blueberries and strawberries), Appleland (apples), Kiyokawa Orchards (pears and apples), Florida Georgia Citrus (satsumas and more), Rio Citrus, and Árvore De Luz (Meyer lemons), for their diligence and desire to provide all fruit lovers amazing products. Without them, we would be fruitless. 

Tree-Ripened fruit is the best