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Welcome to
Tree-Ripe Fruit Co.!


Since 1990, we’ve been focused on bringing the absolute best possible fruit to our customers. Many know us from our annual summer trips with sweet Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries to the Upper Midwest. Yet, we bring so much more! From Indian River Florida citrus to pears from the Pacific Northwest, we work with a spectacular array of delicious fruits that inspire healthy eating and creative cooking. You can find our mobile stores in almost 200 hundred Midwestern locations, or you can have your fruit home-delivered.

What makes us different?

Our dedicated growers don’t harvest immature fruit, nor overripe fruit. We harvest at the perfect time for the best tasting fruit. Unlike grocery chains who need to harvest fruit far too early for the “distribution chain” and place their produce in cold storage, we break the chain by working directly with our growers and shipping to you within days of harvest.

Perfect timing means perfect fruit. That makes all the difference.


What’s on the Truck

You can purchase directly from our trucks!

Our next season: Oregon pears, Wisconsin apples, and New Mexico pistachios!

Our mission is to deliver superior quality fruit, within days of harvest.

Each season, we work with the best growers from around the country, who allow their fruit to mature on the tree before they harvest.

Take a look at all we have to offer!


While we wish we could visit every single location with all of our products, this isn’t always possible.
And sometimes you might have missed our truck. Maybe you were hanging out at the beach.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out, though…we can deliver our fruit directly to you!
See what is in season at our Online Store. It’s super easy to order!

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All of our fruit is delicious on its own

but the big question is…“What else can I do with my fruit?”