A: There are two ways. Foremost, we deliver our produce by the truckload to over 200 locations in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. Our sales trucks visit locations for typically 1-1/2 hours per visit according to our schedule, at local businesses who allow us to use their parking area to deliver. We also visit select locations with our Market Truck, primarily farmers markets.

Simply visit one of our locations and purchase whatever you'd like, directly from our refrigerated trucks! Our products are usually offered in bulk packs which allows us to provide the best value to our customers. Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have at the truck.

Second, select varieties can be delivered to your home. Visit our shop page to find out what we’re delivering, or our blog for a discussion on what’s in season.

Q: how am I able to purchase products from you?


Q: Why is Tree-Ripe's fruit better than the grocery store?

A: Fruit that is picked for commercial grocery is picked long before it's fully mature. This is because a great deal of time is needed to last through the distribution chain and get to customers. But while it may look good, the taste is often subpar because the fruit didn't get the chance to mature on the tree. We are able to bring fruit directly to our customers from the farm, and because of this our farmers are able to pick based on the peak maturity of the fruit, not based on "shelf life". This "gift box quality" fruit just doesn't make it to the grocery store.

Also, this allows us to bring you the freshest fruit possible because our produce isn't going into cold storage!


Q: How long has Tree-Ripe been bringing fruit to Wisconsin?

A: We got our start in 1990, and have been coming ever since. If you'd like to know more about our company's history, see the "About" section.


Q: Do you have a retail store?

A: No, not at this time. We've always felt like the best way to reach the most people was to visit as many different cities as possible. Our trucks are our "stores" and you can buy directly from our truck. 

However, our much of our produce can be shipped directly to your home or workplace. Go to our online shop for what’s available.


Q: Do I have to pre-order to buy from your truck?

A: No, we don't take pre-orders. Our trucks are open to the public and our goal is to have enough fruit for every customer to buy as much as they'd like. And feel free to ask as many questions as you want when you get to the truck. When you're at the front of the line, you have our undivided attention.


Q: Do you ever run out?

A: It is very rare for us to run out of fruit. When we do, it is either because of growing conditions limiting our supply or overwhelming sales. We keep our customers informed up to the minute through our website and our Facebook page.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: All major credit cards, cash or personal check. We reluctantly accept cash, mostly due to the safety of our drivers. We prefer personal checks as they keep our lines moving, and it will keep you on our mailing list.


Q: My box doesn't look full...is it full?

A: It really is. Often, our fruit is filled by weight and put into oversized boxes to protect the fruit (the farms even put a little extra, just in case). We don't want anything to get squished! Citrus is packed by count, and the count is marked on each box.


Q: Are your products non-GMO and/or organic?

A: None of our fruit is a GMO or a "genetically modified organism". They are also non-organic. There are many variables that go into how and why a farm chooses or declines to be certified organic. Most important are growing conditions and cost, which make it virtually impossible in the Southeast on a larger scale. We understand it's difficult to get all the information, and to make a good choice. Know that we've spent a great deal of time and research in selecting the farms that we do. And we feel like we bring you the best quality fruit possible. While the fruits we bring are not organic, our farms work very hard to not only meet the standards for safe application of any pesticides, but exceed them by a fair margin. In fact, they exceed many of the standards required for organic certification. Pearson Farms, for instance, practices integrated pest management (IPM) to dramatically reduce the need for sprays. You can go to the Georgia Peach Commission's website for more information on IPM and why it is so beneficial. 


Q: Are you affiliated with any other companies?

A: No we are not. All information for our visits or products can be found here on our website. You can also contact us by phone. We do not sell or share our customer information with anyone. Remember, if it isn't Tree-Ripe Fruit Co., it's not us!

However, we love working with other businesses, including restaurants and makers. Find out who is using our products and creating some really amazing things!

Q: Any other questions?

Feel free to hit us up on facebook.com! You will find the link in the footer. Or email us: info@tree-ripe.com